Sokoto 2023: Mas’ud Musa Bashar (Dan Musa); The Man Who The Cap Fits

“Leaders aren’t born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work…” – Vince Lombardi. And it’s this same price (hardwork) Hon. Mas’ud Musa Bashar (Dan Musa) has continued to pay to achieve the massive support he currently enjoys from both young and old alike.

It is no gainsaying that Hon. Mas’ud Musa Bashar (Dan musa) the Managing Director, Al- Mas’ud Oil and Gas, has continued to remain a blazing light in the sight of both his admirers, supporters, friends and family. He has unendingly made the great people of Sokoto proud through his philanthropy, peaceable attitude and pure hearted intentions to see to the wellbeing, growth and development of his people.

According to Harvey Firestone, “The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.” These and more are the reasons why the name Mas’ud Musa Bashar (Dan Musa) has become a viral topic and song in the lips of countless Sokoto residents who earnestly yearn, hope and believe in his capacity to change the narratives as regards governance within the State.

This is not far fetched from the recent call by some of his diehard supporters for him to contest the 2023 Sokoto State Gubernatorial election under the platform of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

In a recent interview conducted by newsmen, several residents and supporters expressed their calls and concerns for the Sokoto-born Philanthropist to contest the highest political office in the State under the aegis of the APC come 2023.

In the exact words of Mr. Ahmed a businessman in the city of Sokoto, “It will be a thing of joy if His Excellency, Mas’ud Musa Bashar (Dan musa) heeds to our call to contest the 2023 Gubernatorial election in Sokoto State. It will be a dream come true for me and so many other supporters who want him in our party the APC.”

“Sokoto will witness a massive era of development if Hon. Mas’ud obeys the clarion call to run for the office of the Governor of the State”, a glad supporter further mentioned.

These were some of the tip-top comments received from numerous residents of the City of Sokoto, who couldn’t hide their joy over their faith and believe in the capacity and leadership tenacity of Hon. Mas’ud Musa Bashir.

As the race for the number one seat in Sokoto State tightens, Hon. Mas’ud Musa Bashar remains a top contender and a man to beat. His unmatched intellectual sagacity, leadership astuteness, drive for excellence and core interest of the people at heart distinguishes him from his rivals and opponents.

Unarguably, Hon. Musa remains the man who the cap fits. He’s a round peg that fits perfectly into a round hole. A leader who doesn’t just know the way, but can show and go the way. He is the dream of every progressive Sokoto resident. And by God’s willing through his candidacy, the people of Sokoto will smile again. Mas’ud Musa Bashar (Dan Musa) below are some of his well deserve awards Ambassadors award by ZSK year 2008. 2. Merit award of good citizen by gawunama youth. Year 2008. 3. Award of Most influential by fossosa year 2014. 4. Icon of youth by new Colliation of youth 2015. Award of peace ambassador 2021

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