Amid crypto dip, FPD shocks ‘loyal fans’ with ‘pick anything you want’ free shopping spree

…We’re overwhelmed, dumbfounded — Beneficiaries

…A giver ‘ll always find something to give no matter what, says FPD


Despite bitcoin suffering its worst monthly drop since 2011, and crypto market generally having a sour trading month of May, crypto investor and renowned philanthropist Raymond Ikponmwosa has continued to extend helping hands and benevolence towards the people around him in his usual style and acts of kindness.

This time, precisely on Friday May 28, Raymond, popularly known as FPD, shocked one of his loyal fans and followers, Chris Ben with a massive ‘pick anything you want’ free shopping spree in the Benin City metropolis. Ben, who could not hide his joy, has taken to social media to heap praises on the philanthropist, who has been described as an ‘Angel in human form’ by many.

While many traders continue to lament and engage in blame game following the fall in price of digital currencies, including bitcoin, the large crypto holder and Founder of FPD Crypto Bank has continued to walk-the-talk on giving. The crypto lord believes that, no matter what, a giver will always find something to give ‘even if not money’. This is a man who, only recently, lost over $2 million to the recent crypto dip. No wonder the ‘Angel in human form’ earned himself the alias ‘FPD’ — an acronym meaning, “For the People’s Development.” For FPD, the people comes first. He has always been a developer of man.

Only today; Saturday the 29th of May, FPD took three more persons on a free shopping spree. He had allowed one of the latest beneficiaries, ‘Elder’, another loyal fan of his, to pick the other two – ‘Wizpie’ and ‘Rector’ – himself. Pundits are of the opinion that the philanthropist would end up spending millions just to put smiles on the faces of the people. One of the beneficiaries, Chris Ben says FPD has been a blessing to him. For Activist and journalist, Sankara, FPD is “walking the path less walked.” According to him, “only few use their power, influence, resources to uplift others”, eulogizing FPD for being one of those few. A Southern Nigeria based Master of Ceremony, Orekis and a Disc Jockey, Oseh Playful are also among the numerous beneficiaries of FPD’s benevolence in the past. All persons could not hide their joy but recount their seperate encounters with FPD.

Some platforms including the prominent ‘Celebs in UniBen’ and ‘UniBen Comrades Community (UCC)’ have been large beneficiaries of FPD’s benevolences. Even the popular media practitioner and campus-based journalist, Campus Gist, has largely benefited from FPD’s random act of kindness: from a Smartphone, to cash gifts down to BTC. Just name it!

Only recently, FPD gave out bitcoin worth $500 to five active members of an online platform where he normally coach and teach newbies ‘the act of cryptocurrencies’ for free and interact freely with pro investors. He did not stop there! He capped it by doling out over N200,000 (two hundred thousand naira) to members of the ‘UniBen Comrades Community’ online platform.

This is not the first time Raymond would embark on philanthropic moves. Over the years, FPD has continued to spread that same smile through his Non-governmental Organization, the FPD Crypto Bank. On giving, FPD, in a recent online conversation monitored by CAMPUS GIST, alluded giving to a ‘state of mind.’ “Being cheerful and generous is a state of mind. If you are a giver, no matter your account balance, you will always find something to give,” FPD said at the public discussion, revealing that, “Money isn’t the only thing I can give. I wasn’t born rich. I have been without money too. And in those times, I gave other things. Having money only helps you to improve on a habit you have already developed.”

FPD has continued to walk-the-talk, unlike others, he would rather give out his last resources to empower the people than keep it to himself. The youngster has put millions of his own money into charity, the FPD Crypto Bank, where he touches hundreds of lives everyday. FPD has, over the years, personally gave out free startups capital for investments and to business-minded persons alike; including soft and interest-free loans, donating food items and monies to orphanages and individuals during the holidays including Yuletide seasons.

He currently devotes his time and energies towards managing the FPD Crypto Bank: championing and promoting causes in Education, Bitcoin investment, policy advocacy and poverty alleviation, among others. FPD has been described as a man who has the knowledge, character, passion and the much needed integrity to lead from the front, even though most of his philanthropic gestures across the state don’t often get media attention. The UNIBEN comrade who was once honoured for his philanthropic gestures and humanitarian activities pledges that he would never be tired of investing in and supporting the people, ‘to ensure that the society is rid of poverty’.

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